Updated Uniform Policy for 2019-20


Uniforms can be purchased anywhere. (Walmart, Kohls, Penneys, etc)                          

Polo Shirts – Solid color red or navy  (Does not have to have a school logo on it.  If you want to wear the ones you have already with the logo that will be acceptable, but you do not have to have a school logo on it.)

Pants -            Navy or Khaki standard school uniform pants.  NO LEGGINGS!!!  LEGGINGS ARE NOT PANTS!!!

Shorts -          Regular uniform shorts – Navy or Khaki

Skirts -            Navy or Khaki uniform skirts-no shorter than 2 inches above the knee. If you already have a plaid skirt you may wear it.  You do not need to buy one otherwises.

Jumpers -       Navy or Khaki standard uniform jumpers.

PE uniform – Knee length gym shorts and a t shirt.  T shirt cannot have any inappropriate writing or logos.

Shoes -          Tennis shoes are acceptable.  Shoes can be any color.  No open toes or heels are allowed during the school year.

Chapel Day:  Regular school uniforms will be worn on these days.

Sweaters, zip hoodies, hoodies and fleece jackets cannot have inappropriate designs or logos.  The hood on the hoodie cannot be worn on the head during school.

Uniforms will be worn on field trips unless told otherwise.

Friday Spirit Wear -   Evangel spirit wear shirts only on Fridays.  Jeans can be worn.  (LEGGINGS ARE NOT PANTS!!!)  No holes or rips or overly tight.

Undershirts/T shirts can be any color but cannot contain designs or logos that would not be appropriate in the school setting.

Tights/Leggings/Socks – Solid color ankle socks, knee high socks, tights and leggings.  Socks must be matching colors.  No mismatched colors.

Shirts must be tucked in at all times.

No hats or head gear are to be worn inside the building.  No bandanas worn by girls or boys.

Tight fitting clothing will not be allowed.  Clothing should be standard school uniform attire.

No chains from the belt are allowed.

No gang representations will be allowed.

Tattoos must be covered at all times (including sporting events)

No earrings may be worn by the boys in the school or at school functions. Students are not permitted to wear nose rings or other pierced body parts.  Girls may not wear more than one earring per ear.  Earrings are to be worn in the lobes of the girls’ ears.